24 Jun 2004

DBUnit for .NET

I found dbunit really interesting and I thougth may be we could port this to C# and, as usual, someone already had the idea! (ndbunit)
But this time, there is only one developer and no much activity... may be I could take part of it.

22 Jun 2004

Database Tests Fixures

I've spend almost ONE afternoon trying to find a database with a good dataset just to make sure something works...
And it works! (my afternoon has been totaly waisted!)
I need to make a script to fill the database with data I'm sure of
and to find more easily a good user/password/data next time.

I've been hearing of DBUnit for a long time now...
May be it's time to try it!

21 Jun 2004

Courage or not Courage ?

Friday I had courage! I wanted to remove all that "smelling old" code during summer.
Today I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of the summer correcting bugs I will surely introduce if I refactor... (since there is not JUnit in the old part of the app)
What will I do?

14 Jun 2004

Jakarta Apache Agility

The utility of continius integration:

It's incredible how the apache comunnity is agile!

Why Do Java Developers Like to Make Things So Hard?

As pointed in this article:
"Java is a great language being destroyed by Rampaging Computer Science," writes James Turner, who knows his way around a polymorphism or two, in his latest - and characteristically combative - Viewpoint.

It's always hard to find the right path between no anticipation and too much flexibility.
That's why eXtreme Programming was such a revelation when I discovered it.
Because it enable you to do only what is necessary and had code later when more flexibility is needed. You can even delete lines of code when it becomes too complicate and unecessary.
When such a situation occurs, the hardest thing is to overwhelm your pride and delete what you thougth was "good code".


I juste read this joke-word: "Markitechture" (here), means "Marketing Architecture" so true!

DBA and Open Mind

I just read this article (Scott Ambler's interview) from The Server Side, a little too long but quite interesting!

I really like the "Data People" part I never thougth of DBA that way because I always did the data base modeling myself.
But that's true there are like "exclude" from all this XP/Object/Open Source world (except MySql or PostGreSQL).

Secondly I liked his advise on reading and learning from other fields to developpe an open mind torward others.
It remembered me of an article (i think it was Ward Cunningham who wrote it) comparing Software Architecture to Buiding Architecture (a house or what ever type of building...).
An exemple of open mind: Medieval Architecture not the one I thougth of, but you got the picture.

11 Jun 2004

Xp France

I'm getting involve in XP community, for the moment i'll try the french xp community.

My page on xp-france wiki

If your french, you can join too, here's some links:
xp-france - mailing list

Rich clients

It a big mess in the rich client world!
I fisrt heard about Java Web Start, then about xul and then the microsoft solution xaml

Then i started to be a little confuse, so i searched for more informations...

I found different xul syntax, implementation in many different languages, xup(w3c) ...
And it become clear that it's a big mess with this contest
As you can see there is no standard way of doing things. I'll wait until it clarify!

For me the winners in battle, will be xaml(microsoft), web start (sun) and may be xul(mozilla)
And the other will die.

[update] As someone pointed in the comment section, the guy who made the contest is making confusion between xul and xul-like xml language (there is only one xul and it is not represented in the contest page) you can see a xul example here

First blog

My first blog entry! Ta-da!
I will try to keep it fill with interesting news... we'll see.