24 May 2006

(At last) I finished Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, 2nd Edition

Boy! It's been a long time! I bought the book "Thursday, September 15, 2005"!

But I finally read it!

My conslusion is that I already knew most of it. But if you don't know XP that's the place to start, the rest of the internet is a copy/paste of the book...

The parts I liked the most was Kent Beck explaining why he changed is mind or adapted his way of thinking about some subjects.
For example: about how to deal with the rest of the company who is not extreme and why we (as programmers) don't have to force other people to use XP but adapt to there way of thinking.
An other example: why sometimes XP can fail because the rest of the company's values are secrecy, lack of communication, fear etc...

18 May 2006

Flickr (At Last)

I finaly decided to create a flickr account. I may post from time to time...
ps: I'm so Web 2.0 ;)

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16 May 2006

Only hire the brightest engineers

Funny I read/viewed 2 articles saying the exact opposite but still they are both true!

Where Did All the Beautiful Code Go? by Google's Gregor Hohpe:
We hire only the brightest engineers in the industry, like which company would put on their charter, we hire only the dumbest engineers(...) but he had like a logic because I used to work for a company that made a very big statement about ?we only hire the brightest? and he had like a little chain of logic that actually invalidated or basically claimed that it?s really impossible, because if everybody only hires the brightest people, well, where do the other people go(...)

Alertbox Variability in User Performance:
Finally, programming demands the most of users and thus shows the highest variability. This table shows why the number one guideline for managing software development is to hire the best developers: Good developers are three times faster than slow ones and offer companies tremendous gain -- even when they require higher salaries. (The difference between the very best and very worst developers is typically about a factor twenty. Unfortunately, not everybody can hire only the top 1% of developers. But you can certainly endeavor to hire from the top 25%.)

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5 May 2006

SOA (Surely Obscur Application) ?

I just wanted to point this little comment from Jason Carreira on TheServerSide:

I'm trying to figure out why SOA is the main topic of 4 separate articles on the main page? I mean, it's not even clear what it IS or why anyone should CARE about it!

We expose some services via XFire as SOAP web services, does that make us a SOA? We're not actually architecting anything differently, so what exactly is SOA?

Is TSS just completely marketing-driven technobabble now?

Oh, and with the invocation of RUP and SOA in the same comment, I got my buzzword bingo!!!

I do think the same but I always like the nice way he always put it ;)
Just like in an other post of mine about maven.

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