30 Nov 2006

The venice project Goodies

Sylvain just bring us the venice project latest goodies :)
Already collector? Not as collector as the veniceproject alpha team polo :p

See it on flickr with other ones...

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28 Nov 2006

Other funny surveys

Actually there's a lot of this funny surveys, this's more like "bashing" set of surveys ;)
My favorites:

"Most Despised Buzzword"

Lol no comment ;)
Source: InfoQ

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20 Nov 2006

The Venice Project

As I was on holiday every body on the project started to blog without me :(

Yes I'm also part of the "super-secret project" aka The Venice Project.
What is it ? Well Sylvain already explained it on his blog... So I will keep it DRY ;)

The most surprising fact for me on this project is the speed and quality of the video over a private p2p network, I would never thought it would be even possible! Just to see this you should register for the beta test ;)
Note: it uses a p2p network but the content display is completely official and deals have been made with famous content providers (no legal issues here unlike utube).

I've been working on various parts of the system mainly setting up cruisecontrol (fixing various bugs and creating some enhancements), I've done some Ant, worked on a web application for advertisements using wicket and on some features of the search engine using lucene.

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Les puces ne garantissent pas la sécurité des échanges en ligne

Scary article (in french), Jean-Pierre Seifert discovered a way to predict the way keys are computed by the processor. Depending on the speed of finding the key a malicious program could scan the processor and discover a 512 key in a matter of seconds. The announcement of the way to this will be done at the next RSA meeting.

The only way to fix this is apparently to use a dedicated, not optimize processor for securtity

I found this partial translation of the french article from LeMonde

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14 Nov 2006

XUbuntu vs Toshiba - Round 3

Actually my previous post problem was because the CD I used was a cheap CD, so the laptop couldn't read it.
Using a good "verbatim" CD, installation almost worked perfectly. I had to kill "anthy" process during install as explain in this forum.

I finally manage to get to the login screen but no miracle, no surprise: It's SLOW! But it look nice... if that's a consolation :-/

Final score: XUbuntu 1 - Toshiba 3 => Toshiba wins and return to the closet forever.

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Software architecture

Never been through this ?

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XUbuntu vs Toshiba - Round 2

Since my previous post, I read the documentation (I should have done it in the first place ;) ) and I downloaded the alternate CD:

The alternate install CD allows you to perform certain specialist installations of Xubuntu. It provides for the following situations:
* creating pre-configured OEM systems;
* setting up automated deployments;
* upgrading from older installations without network access;
* LVM and/or RAID partitioning;
* installing GRUB to a location other than the Master Boot Record;
* installs on systems with less than about 128MB of RAM.

I used the old style, old school text installer. Like in the old days when installing a windows 3.1 under DOS :p

But it started to fail when installing some Debian packages during base system installation and didn't succeed to install GRUB for boot :(
Tried several times but same thing over and over... So I checked the CD integrity and it failed too :(
I tried the CD integrity on my regular home computer but there it went just fine :(
So My guess is that the laptop CD Rom is just somehow dead!

Current score: Xubuntu 0 - Toshiba 2

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13 Nov 2006

XUbuntu vs Toshiba - Round 1

This week, I tried to install xubuntu on an old Toshiba Satellite 4200 Pro with 64M of RAM :(

Xubuntu, pronounced as Zooboontoo, is a complete GNU/Linux based operating system with an Ubuntu base. It is lighter on system requirements and tends to be more efficient than Ubuntu with GNOME or KDE, since it uses the Xfce Desktop environment, which makes it ideal for old or low-end machines, thin-client networks, or for those who would like to get more performance out of their hardware.

The documentation clearly state that it needs 128M for install and should run with 64M

Unfortunately the install process freeze after a few minutes, removing the splash screen showed:
Out of memory killed process gzip

Running with Low Graphics start up seems better but freeze again after 5 to 10 min of CRRom/Disk access, but I didn't manage to remove the splash screen when starting this way so I have no clue what so ever :(

So for the moment XUbuntu 0 - Toshiba 1

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10 Nov 2006

Firefox Quick search

Tired of typing Ctrl+F to look at a word in an html page in firefox?
Menu options >> Advanced >> General >> Accessibility >> "search text when i start typing"

Warning: be careful, website using keyboard shortcuts won't work anymore...

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Back to blogging

I decided to start blogging again :)

I always have this nice little trick or article or link I want to share with the rest of the world ;)

But sending a mail to everyone (mailing list, friends etc...) I really fell like a spammer... (I'm really receiving too much mails this days and I'm not even counting regular spam).
I prefer that people be notify with a rss, they can choose when they have time to spend on reading...

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