22 Jun 2006

208 posts - 2 years - It's time to take a break!

I've been blogging since Thursday, June 10, 2004. When I first started, I didn't thought my motivation would last that long! But hey! 2 years now! 208 posts! That's a 8 posts per month average! (not bad)

But since few weeks, I'm overwhelm by things to do. So I decided to take a bloggin'break...

I still got some draft articles I want to finish publishing on my other blog about ruby, but once this is done it will be holiday time :)

May be in September I will start again ... who knows!

14 Jun 2006

[AndroidDemo] Most boring video ever!

Usually I like demo videos, but the AndroidDemo (eclipse plugin for AndroMDA) is the borest ever!

What went wrong:
  • Too long (should be 4 or 5 min not 11!!)
  • Don't show me eclipse feature, I don't care! (filtering options is not one of your plugin feature! And I already know what is the purpose of a wizard!)
  • Don't tell me this feature is not done yet, this message will not show up in the final version etc. ...
  • Believe in what your doing, that you're doing something great!
  • You're plugin doesn't seem enjoyable!
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