31 Aug 2007

Google History

The google web history actually exist for a long time, they only made official release recently (4/19/2007).
I've been one of the early adopter, it's sometimes useful to find something that you didn't found interesting at first glance but few weeks/months later you finally realize it was something you want to bookmark or show to someone else.

An interesting side effect is that you know you average query, for me:
  • Started on Jun 2005 (27 month)
  • 4564 queries
  • that means an average: 170 queries per month
What is yours ?

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Google and personal informations

Sometime people get worried that all their data belongs to Google and that often leads to "Google knows everything about you" syndrome :)

Even if I also share those concerns, I think that Google is still made of normal human beings and they are not "that" clever. Just take a look a those 2 screenshots:

in google calendar

in my iGoogle page

One would have expected them to somehow "guess" that, don't you think ?

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28 Aug 2007

Impressive Image reduction technique

Impressive new technique to resize an image without altering the overall impression, you just need to pass though the first few minutes to see a live example ;)

22 Aug 2007

Enter the matrix: Fighting robots

I know many robots fans, that only lack some Artificial Intelligence and you 're done !

IMac and cables

Ok may be Apple find a way to make my think "I want to buy an iMac" ;)

I hate all those cables, if only they could disappear...

Don't want to be picky but even the iMac could remove 2 unnecessary cables: the keyboard and the mouse one. That would leave only one cable! Joy!

My dream computer would be something more original, steampunk for example :)