25 May 2007

Strange Audio Cubes

I don't know the purpose of those audio cubes but anyway it fun ;)

Source[fr]: christophelebot

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24 May 2007

Why the @Deprecated annotation sucks

Usually when I want to remove a method and I don't have access to all the client code easily, I start by putting the @depreacted javadoc tag like this:

* blablabla.
* @deprecated use foo.bar.MyClass#method instead
public void oldMethod() {}

I try to give a clue of what should be use instead of this method to help my fellow developers.

I wanted to do the same but with the new @Deprecated annotation But you can't pass a string to it!

I couldn't believe it, just adding a simple string parameter... and I'm not the only one:

Is the @Deprecated annotation more useful than @Override? I think not. The annotation doesn't support any arguments, so unlike the Javadoc tag you can't provide a string to explain the deprecation and recommend an alternative method to use. The @Deprecated annotation actually provides less value than the @deprecated tag. The only advantage with the annotation is that you can programatically detect deprecated items at runtime. For that reason, conventional wisdom says to use both the @deprecated tag and the @Deprecated annotation, one for documentation and the other for runtime reflection.

Ok the @Depreacted annotation will be pick up by any compiler whereas the javadoc tag will only be pick by modern/intelligent IDE (but most people use eclipse so this point is not really important)

Adding twice the same info (deprecated) is a leap backward to me :(

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23 May 2007


Shame on me!
I have to admit it took me really long before figuring out what those pictures meant ;)

You will need this site to find the answer.

source: Ugo

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Geek "All of Fame"

I wonder how many people know "Bruce Campbell" (I do) and BTW if they realize that this funny french restaurant guy in Spiderman 3 is him (the most funny part of the film in my opinion).

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21 May 2007

What I'm reading

I've recently started to use Google Reader Shared items. When ever I found something interesting, no matter what subject, I add it to my shared feed. You can take a look or/and subscribe to it Google reader Feed ;)

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14 May 2007

Compass (Lucene + ORM + Database)

I just followed this Server side announce and found Compass. A project that seems a great bridge between the database world and functionalities and the lucene world and it search capabilities.
Need to dive into it to take a closer look... but the feature list seems interesting:
Compass Core
  • Lucene Jdbc Directory: An implementation of Lucene Directory to store the index within a database (using Jdbc). It is separated from Compass code base and can be used with pure Lucene applications.
  • Search Engine API: A powerful and simple to use abstraction on top of Lucene Search Engine.
  • OSEM: Object/Search Engine Mapping technology (using xml and/or Java 5 annotations). Allowing you to declare the mapping from application Object model to the underlying search engine semantics.
  • Resource Mapping: Ability to map application resource through Compass when no Object model is available.
  • Transaction support: Provides both LocalTransaction and JTATransaction implementations.
  • Common Meta-data: The means to externalize common mapping meta-data into easy to manage centralized resource.

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13 May 2007

Get a Joost invitation

If you want to get a joost invitation, just ask Lucas he will be glad to send you one ;)

Go to his blog !

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11 May 2007

New Blogger skin

I moved to the new blogger template system. Unfortunately I didn't find any that really please me :(
The new web2.0 interface is cool but editing the html is harder now. Too bad I found those spiderman blogger skins but they are for the old blogger template system... You can still hack your way thought (see the readme file with it) but I don't want to

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10 May 2007

Paris Hilton on Joost

I just discovered Technorati WTF. Did you know Paris Hilton was one of the first video on Joost ;)

ps: I'm gonna have a lot of traffic whith this one ;)

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Lucene and Solr ApacheCon presentations

For those of you interested in Lucene and Solr, here's Yonik's ApacheCon presentations.

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Web Framework Comparison

I was awaiting Matt Raible's Web Framework Comparison at ApacheCon because it gives a good overwiew of the state of web frameworks (at least it echo's with my guts feeling about how many people use what).
Interesting reading. Even if JSF is clearly ahead in term of use, still people seems to dislike it...

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9 May 2007

Javascript and Ajax lazy links

Various interesting articles related to javascript:
Some of us were punished so much so that we actually started to like it. We point and laugh at the all the awful HTML and JavaScript on the web that barely functions. We scratch our heads and wonder why the browser can't give us the punishment we so richly deserve for our terrible, terrible mistakes.