11 May 2007

New Blogger skin

I moved to the new blogger template system. Unfortunately I didn't find any that really please me :(
The new web2.0 interface is cool but editing the html is harder now. Too bad I found those spiderman blogger skins but they are for the old blogger template system... You can still hack your way thought (see the readme file with it) but I don't want to

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Tricia said...

You can still use any old template in the new blogger.

1. Login to New Blogger with your Google account.
2. On your Dashboard choose blog you want to edit, Click on Template, you’ll go direct to Template tab where blog you want to Edit.
3. Choose the Template tab of your blog then click on Edit HTML.
4. Next scroll down to the end of your page and choose Revert to Classic Template.
5. Copy all the code of the template you wish and paste it into your blog.
6. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE and you are done!.

I'm using an old blogger template too. I like having control over every part of my html.

When you hit edit html.
Then go to the bottom, under the html box. you can hit 'revert to classic template' and it re-opens the blog just like it used to in old blogger.

No CSS or widgets. Just the HTML page. Copy/paste the old info in a wordpad before you delete though or you'll lose all of your links and stuff.

Shoot me an email if you need any help.

PS. I think those templates are totally awesome too!

ZaidSalihin said...

He said he 'moved' to the new blogger.Meaning he prefers blogger 2.

ZaidSalihin said...
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