23 Jul 2008

A sense of "déjà vu"

While looking at some movies informations on imdb, I stumbled on this:

Lack of imagination or coincidence ?

22 Jul 2008

Eclipse, classpath and subversion

I always have the same problem over and over to make eclipse, the project classpath and subversion work perfectly together :(
And I'm pretty sure thousand of other guys have the same problem.

The problem is that you need to do 2 things to avoid the output dir to appears as a folder under source control:
  • add the output dir to the ignore list
  • AND
  • add an exclusion filter in the src dir to avoid eclipse to copy the .svn folder in the output dir
1- When you start a new eclipse project, you have that folder structure:

2- You add it to subversion but you don't want the output dir to be added so you just add the src folder:

3- You add the bin dir to the ignore list:

But you are not over yet! At this stage subversion doesn't complain anymore about uncommited changes in bin BUT you still have the .svn folder in bin.

This is specially anoying with tortoise svn since it displays svn icons on the bin folder.

4- Now you need to exclude the .svn from the src folder to prevent eclipse to copy them:

Does anybody knows how this can be achieve under Maven when using "mvn eclipse:eclipse" ?
I suppose one need to use the filters as describe in the pom reference...

Playing with wordle

Just a quick post to a tag soup generator: wordle
It seems I have a lot of ruby and rails tag in my del.icio.us account :D

This blog tag soup (I don't know where it picked those tags btw)

My del.icio.us account: no comment ;)