27 Apr 2007

Skype new useful feature

I just installed Skype new windows version and they added this useful new feature:

Now the chat windows only blink when someone say my name ;)

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26 Apr 2007

Ps3 answer to Second Life

I don't particularly like those metaverse things but at least this one looks nice...

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24 Apr 2007

Microsoft Access files trick

A little trick to work with legacy access files.

What can you do to browse an old Microsoft Access File (.mdb) when you don't have Microsoft Access ?
Create an ODBC connection in windows and use OpenOffice Base to connect to it :)
You can take a look at this tutorial for MySQL, it's almost the same for the Access files.

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23 Apr 2007

Writing Error Messages for Security Features

I was looking for some nice security related error message since I had to make a user friendly error message page. I found this nice and pragmatic article for msdn, just what I needed :)

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19 Apr 2007

Lazy usability links

Some links I've been reading lately and I'm to lazy to do a full post about each one:

13 Apr 2007

Vieux ?

Apparement je dois devenir vieux, il y a un peu trop de chose que je comprend dans cette description (oui je savais pour les Twix/Raiders et mon premier PC ├ętait un Commodore)!

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12 Apr 2007