27 Apr 2007

Skype new useful feature

I just installed Skype new windows version and they added this useful new feature:

Now the chat windows only blink when someone say my name ;)

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Noni said...
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Anonymous said...

i woul love to get one of those invites please joost me up

Anonymous said...

hi, im toby from germany can you invite me please to tobsy234@hotmail.de

sorry for my bad english

José Manuel said...

Please, can you send me an Joos´s invitation? I am in Spain and i do not know anybody here that have one...

If yes (I hope), please send it to




Anonymous said...

can u give me an invitation? email:puaote@hotmail.com
thank u

Petri said...

Hello, could you send me an Joost invitation? I don´t know anybody in Finland who could invite me.

De said...

please someone send me an invitation so I can download the beta. Thank You!


Jeremy Bost said...


I like your blog. Can you tell me how you did it? Also, are you a member of Joost.com? (I saw you in the list) I want to join up but I don't have any friends that are on Joost. Could you invite me?

Anonymous said...

you must be proud of being a member of the joost group.

could you invite me into the group too?

my email is teachwc@gmail.com

thank you.

By the way, do you know how to use voip through skype? there is a trand in this technic online right now.

Patrick Leung said...

Hi, Benjamin!

I'm just excited on learning about Joost and just can't wait to join as a user. Hope you don't mind giving me an invitation.

Thanks and warmest regards,

Patrick Leung

zak said...

Hello, I'd appreciate an invite for JOOST TV. I can't wait to learn more about it. Thank you.



juancho said...

me too, I really need to be joosted up !!! can you send an invite at juancho@cegetel.net

FARAO said...


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JSC said...

Hi there,
I was on Joost' website and i got on your website by a link. I was just wandering if you could send me an invite for joost. It would be very appreciated! My email is jschbani@hotmail.com
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Mike said...


I checked the joost site and it turns out I need to get an invite before I can download the beta. I clicked away at the links and here I am.

Hope you could get me one, thanks a lot



Mike said...

I think i forgot to include my email add. Its mikelimpag@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

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