29 Sep 2008

Gmail Ads doesn't filter content

While reading a mail in gmail about technical webapp stuff, I find this sponsored link quite surprising ?!

Translated in english, it says:
Fed up with GWT? Try ZK
Understand why GWT is the root of all evil for your project

Gmail doesn't filter the content of it's ads ;)

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12 Sep 2008

Is node order important in xml ?

"Is node order important in xml ?"

This has always been a pending question, I wanted to answer.

The quick answer:
  • No dtd, xml schema(xsd) validation, node order doesn't matter
  • Any type of xml validation, order does matter (unless using a special notation in the schema)
The long answer:

For a long time I was pretty sure the order wasn't important, you could write:




It was the same...

But when using eclipse and validating an xml document, the validator kept complaning if the node were not in the same order as describe in the xsd.

I didn't know if it was an eclipse validator limitation (the validator wasn't able to cop with node order) or a w3c xml requirement.

Untill I found this IBM page describing the same exact issue ;)
Principles of XML design: When the order of XML elements matters

Apparently you can specify in an relax ng schema that order doesn't matter (using ampersand "&") (see: chapter "Schema constraints of element order") but I suspect many people (me included) to use the easiest path and use the comma notation.
As a side effect that means the order does matter, but people writing schema usually don't do this on purpose...

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[Eclipse] No more Ctrl+O Ctrl+F

I'm pretty sure many eclipse "guru" already noticed it but in eclipse ganymede you can now auto-format and auto-organize import on save.

But now it's available by default in eclipse :)

Just go to "Windows > Preferences" and find the "Save Actions" menu:

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4 Sep 2008

How to disable Windows Language Keyboard Switch

From time to time my keyboard goes from french to english (from azerty to qwerty). And that's quite annoying !

The faulty shortcut under windows is: "Alt+Shift"

To avoid such a thing, you need to remove the english keyboard from the localization status bar. 

Here's some screenshots explaining how to do it:

Select the english keyboard and hit "delete" (supprimer).