29 Apr 2011

Delicious Time

Big news for me today, Yahoo sold Delicious to Avos (see more about this: http://www.delicious.com/help/transition)

From all the web2.0 company burst, Delicious was and is still by far the service I found the most (the only one ;) ) useful; far before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. those ones just make me waste time...

So time to backup my 3500 bookmarks using delicious export functionnality (just in case).

I haven't decided yet if I opt-in for the new service...
Clearly I don't want to put all my bookmarks in google system, they already own too many personnal informations about me (including this blog)

I you know and used something equivalent to delicious that can be hosted on dedicated server, drop me a line in comment section ;)

I'll wait for nice/smart people to read Avos privacy policy for me and detect if something is wrong in usage terms ;)

So long Delicious :)

28 Mar 2011

NTP on Solaris

I tried to unable NTP on a solaris machine. Here's how it works in a nutshell:
cp /etc/inet/ntp.server /etc/inet/ntp.conf
vi /etc/inet/ntp.conf

# comment those lines
# server 127.127.XType.0
# fudge 127.127.XType.0 stratum 0

# add those lines
# server list http://tf.nist.gov/tf-cgi/servers.cgi
server time-b.nist.gov

touch /var/ntp/ntp.drifts
svcadm restart svc:/network/ntp
svcs ntp
ntpq -p

10 Mar 2011

Tortoise GIT

Lately I've use tortoise git and it seems windows support for git is becoming better :)

You'll have to install msysgit before using tortoisegit tortoisegit

The benefit is obvious, now you don't have to learn all the git command line tricks and tips and newcomers to git are less frustrated

I haven't use it on a day to day basis, but I imported a svn history and synchronised my git commit to a svn repo using git-svn rebase and it worked like a charm :)

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