29 Apr 2011

Delicious Time

Big news for me today, Yahoo sold Delicious to Avos (see more about this: http://www.delicious.com/help/transition)

From all the web2.0 company burst, Delicious was and is still by far the service I found the most (the only one ;) ) useful; far before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. those ones just make me waste time...

So time to backup my 3500 bookmarks using delicious export functionnality (just in case).

I haven't decided yet if I opt-in for the new service...
Clearly I don't want to put all my bookmarks in google system, they already own too many personnal informations about me (including this blog)

I you know and used something equivalent to delicious that can be hosted on dedicated server, drop me a line in comment section ;)

I'll wait for nice/smart people to read Avos privacy policy for me and detect if something is wrong in usage terms ;)

So long Delicious :)


Benjamin Francisoud said...

french article to move delicious bookmarks to google: http://www.presse-citron.net/importer-dun-clic-ses-favoris-delicious-dans-google-bookmarks

Anjali Rathod said...
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