14 May 2007

Compass (Lucene + ORM + Database)

I just followed this Server side announce and found Compass. A project that seems a great bridge between the database world and functionalities and the lucene world and it search capabilities.
Need to dive into it to take a closer look... but the feature list seems interesting:
Compass Core
  • Lucene Jdbc Directory: An implementation of Lucene Directory to store the index within a database (using Jdbc). It is separated from Compass code base and can be used with pure Lucene applications.
  • Search Engine API: A powerful and simple to use abstraction on top of Lucene Search Engine.
  • OSEM: Object/Search Engine Mapping technology (using xml and/or Java 5 annotations). Allowing you to declare the mapping from application Object model to the underlying search engine semantics.
  • Resource Mapping: Ability to map application resource through Compass when no Object model is available.
  • Transaction support: Provides both LocalTransaction and JTATransaction implementations.
  • Common Meta-data: The means to externalize common mapping meta-data into easy to manage centralized resource.

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