21 Feb 2006

Uptime under windows

Yes it's possible to know a windows station uptime, just download this little exe ;)

20 Feb 2006

Javascript - Ajax and Cheat Sheet

If you're doing javascript ajax you may need this cheat sheet. (by julien)

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PSP Giga pack - My new geek toy :)

I couldn't resist the new PSP Giga pack :)

I played to Wipeout pure all week long! It's so good to play a good old style arcade game of pure adrenaline :)

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13 Feb 2006

Howto comment xml in eclipse

The top-notch shortcut for eclipse to comment xml (and also java code) under WinXP - French keyboard: "Ctrl + Shift + :" (because I fed up of automatic autocompletion of <!-- ...

3 Feb 2006

The TAO of Programming

After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless.