18 Mar 2008

Adobe Air/Flash/Flex Redux

Looking and playing a bit with Adobe AIR is on my Todo list for a few months now but I wasn't getting the "big picture".
Just found this "technomap" in an Adobe devnet article: "Adobe technology platform ActionScript reference for RIA development", it helps a little :)

There is also a pdf with what seems to be methods references...

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3 Mar 2008

Cedric Beust on TDD

Disclaimer: If you've never done TDD you shouldn't watch this ;)
Why ? Because I think you can't understand those arguments until you have already experienced it.
Don't say "I won't do TDD because Cedric said so!" Try it for 2-3 months and then watch the talk...

For those who have already done TDD (Test Driven Development), Cedric Beust (From TestNG) gives an interesting, balanced talk about TDD (starts at 33 min).

Some of TDD drawbacks according to Cedric (extracted from one of the slides):
  • Promotes micro-design over macro-design
  • Hard to apply in pratice
  • No clear evidence that it produces better designs than "tests last"

The talk is actually much more balanced (and in favor of TDD) than this except my suggest... You should really take a look at it.

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