31 Mar 2009

Log4J Patch: SSL support for Gmail Notifications

I wanted to send email notifications with log4j using Gmail smtp.
The patch already exist, but it wasn't fully functionnal... I had to add some few extra things...
But I coulnd't find any release since 2007...

So I made a fork with github of log4j 1.2.15 svn tag and patched it ;)

You can find documentation on the project wiki page.
You can download the jar file in the download section.
Or you can review the source and even fork it if you need something more ;)

I have a sense that git is going to change the way we think of branching... might do a post on this subject one day ;)


While reading this dilbert strip, I couldn't help thinking about IBM and especially websphere's console :D

I'm actually convince IBM has such a "vice president of marginally legal activities" ;)
I don't see any other explanation to the websphere console complexity!

20 Mar 2009

[Rant] Oracle and the Boolean Type

A long time ago I used Oracle (I think it was something like 7 or 8 version)... there was no boolean type at that time, ok.

Then I mainly used SqlServer, MySql and PostgreSql.
They all have some sort of boolean type:
How is it possible that a database costing $40 000 per cpu, DOESN'T HAVE A BOOLEAN TYPE!! (and they have boolean in plsql!)

Apparently you need to use an number(1) to store those kind of values... How lame!

And don't get me started on the auto-increment columns ;)