15 Sep 2009

Ridiculous "Enterprise Architecture"

Ain't it ridiculous ? (or may be pathetic...)

And the text in the mail is on the same level:

What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a revolutionary concept which is being used to manage and align an organization's business processes along with Information Technology (IT) to meet the organization's overall business goal. A strong EA helps to answer basic questions like: What are the organization's business processes, and how is IT supporting those processes?

buzz words, I think you got them all :D

10 Sep 2009

Howto wipe 130 virus infected files in 25min

Short story: Install linux :-)

Long story:
I recently pluged back my old computer to internet, 15 min later my firefox homepage had change to a website with "ladies" if you see what I mean :(

My windows version was old, I had not started this computer for 1 year...
  • Running norton + windows tool to detect malware => 3 hours
  • Hitting the "repair" button => 10min (and then I gave up)
  • Booting under ubuntu + install + update to latest version: 25 min
note1: I was infected with virus.win32.virut.ce
note2: Me beeing fed up with "re-installing" windows all the time

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