17 Mar 2010

Fun: Theory vs Reality

Theory: What you're supposed to do in professionnal life (if you're a senior developer)
  • 50% Code
  • 50% Write documentation (specifications etc..)

Reality: What you really do
  • 15% Read/Write mails and Search old mails for proof that someone failed
  • 15% Tell what you did last month
  • 15% Todo lists
  • 13% Install and integrate things (frameworks, products...)
  • 10% Write documentation
  • 10% Argue in meetings about the documentation you just wrote
  • 10% Meetings with boss to tell about coordination
  • 10% Fix badly written code by other
  • 1% Coordinate with teammates
  • 1% Write excellent code (that will likely become miserable after some student take back your code to add something useless)

3 Mar 2010

"Proactively" Tivoli

I transcripted a sentence from a Tivoli demo, I just love it :p

Tivoli Availability Management Solution allow you to proactively monitor and manage through a single customizable workspace portal for an end-to-end view.

Around 1 min after start: IBM_Demo_Tivoli_Monitoring

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Thunderbird Lightning Tip: Display tasks in calendar

If you're using Lightning in Thunderbird, a little tip to display tasks in the current calendar:

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