12 Jan 2005

(Not so) surprising Holub rant

I've come across this SD times article from Alan Holub (pointed by Alexis).
At first I was surprised:
The newest version of Tomcat was just plain broken. (...)
Tomcat’s documentation is virtually unusable(...)
Some other open-source source code that I’ve seen is equally bad—Hibernate is a mess, for example—and many commercial projects aren’t much better (much of the Java library code is a case in point).
In all fairness, some open-source projects don’t have many of these problems, but those projects tend to have started life as commercial software that was released to the open-source community.
Since I've never really had problems with Tomcat and being a "open source" freak... I don't really agree with him, BUT he has some points and (even) open source projects aren't perfect (actually the perfect project is an utopia) and providing the right documentation (enough/not too much) is hard.

And then I realize I knew this guy from javaworld articles:
As you can see from his articles'titles, he's "Dr Evil".
He likes provocation... (just like tirsen).
Funny to see that some people are like that...

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