21 Feb 2005

Mozilla Sunbird

I'm looking for a way to synchronize my calendar and todo list at home, at work and in my old Palm IIIxe.

Actually I use Outlook for my work calendar, Palm desktop for my personnal calendar and todo list (both for work and home todos).
But it's becomming a bit messy...
I just dicovered that Mozilla foundation is creating a new project from Mozilla Suite call: Mozilla Sunbird. Some screenshots here.

It's not officially release but It has everything I need (and even more):
  • Import/Export in vCalendar format (outlook) and iCalendar format
  • Export to a local file or remote file
  • Subscribing to a remote file (of someone else calendar for exemple)
  • Export to a WebDAV server (such as Slide for example)
  • And many other features...
So my problem now is that:
  • Palm desktop is free and can be synchronise with my palm
  • Sunbird is free and has a good look and feel
  • Outlook is used everywhere but it's not free.
I think I'll just give it a try...

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