7 Jul 2005

JSPWiki against Daisy

I might take a look at daisy after all...
Because of this post of Janne.
You know, seeing open source projects like Daisy make me just want to stop JSPWiki development altogether. It's simply just too good, and I feel like there's no way I can compete.
Looking at the daisy documentation:
required: a MySQL database: version 4.0.20 or higher, or version 4.1.7 or higher required

I really like the fact that I only need a JVM and Tomcat (which I always have already installed on my machine) to run a wiki.
For that JSPWiki is still my favorite...

I'll try daisy and post a blog entry one of this day.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

If the CMS/Wiki software comes bundled with HSQLDB you wont need to manage a DB on the side. I don't know whether Daisy has been tested with HSQLDB, but it shouldn't be too much of a struggle if the app is well done.

Speaking of wikis you should check out XWiki. An open source second generation wiki (and French I might add) than let's you create custom applications on the fly, using velocity and groovy. Once you've tried it you probably wont go back to JSPWiki.

Have a good weekend Benj.