23 Feb 2005

Java Web Start + Eclipse RCP

Java web start is nice for deployment.
Eclipse is nice because it's fast and has a clean plugin system.
Bringing them together seems a good idea.

Too bad someone else did it before me, I was thinking of doing something like that too :-(

JavaServer Faces in Action

A new book about JavaServer Faces has been release.
You can find a sample chapter about "how to do a login page".

22 Feb 2005

Lazlo eclipse editor

Just discovered that OpenLazlo has a plugin for eclipse.
Also belgium JUG has a seminar about Rich User Interface.

21 Feb 2005

Mozilla Sunbird

I'm looking for a way to synchronize my calendar and todo list at home, at work and in my old Palm IIIxe.

Actually I use Outlook for my work calendar, Palm desktop for my personnal calendar and todo list (both for work and home todos).
But it's becomming a bit messy...
I just dicovered that Mozilla foundation is creating a new project from Mozilla Suite call: Mozilla Sunbird. Some screenshots here.

It's not officially release but It has everything I need (and even more):
  • Import/Export in vCalendar format (outlook) and iCalendar format
  • Export to a local file or remote file
  • Subscribing to a remote file (of someone else calendar for exemple)
  • Export to a WebDAV server (such as Slide for example)
  • And many other features...
So my problem now is that:
  • Palm desktop is free and can be synchronise with my palm
  • Sunbird is free and has a good look and feel
  • Outlook is used everywhere but it's not free.
I think I'll just give it a try...

16 Feb 2005

Java web start samples

Best examples of java web start I've ever seen can be found at jgoodies.
I don't know if Java web start can be use with JDNC?
Lazo seems to be a good framework for UI components (buttons etc...)

9 Feb 2005

SyntaxHighlighter for Ruby

I've trying to learn ruby at the moment and I need to post code samples on my ruby blog.

So I decided to adapt the excellent SyntaxHighlighter for ruby.
I asked Alex the creator of SyntaxHighlighter if he can add it to the official release...
I can send it to you by mail if you are interested. Drop me a line at pub.cog@netcourrier.com (I may be slow to respond since I don't check this mail box often)

An example of what it looks like: here

4 Feb 2005

Link spammer

I've just learn something, spammer is a job and it seems to pay well:
Sam (...) lives in a three-bedroom semi-detached house in London, drives a vintage Jaguar and runs his own company. But "it's not not all rock and roll and big money", says Sam. What isn't? Spamming websites and blogs with text to pump up the search engine rankings of sites pushing PPC (pills, porn and casinos), that's what.
I thought they lived in russia or brazil...

3 Feb 2005

Director's cut

The interesting thing about video demonstrations of products is that you don't have to install anything (and mess up your registry entries). You just need a descent video player, you can quickly see the end result and see if your have any interest...

See for yourself:
But the movie still need to be short and interesting, not everyone can be a director ;)

Follow the trail, links that lead me to those video: PragDave, PragmaticAutomation

Update: EclipseWork video

2 Feb 2005

Javapolis pictures

Few days ago, I talked about learning people names.
But better than that, is seeing them:
are the one I know.

1 Feb 2005

Choosing a Java Persistence Strategy

Nice summary of diffrent solutions for data persitence.

Starting from scratch I would prefer "Database first" since a database (and its data) may live longer than our code or other products may also accesthose data. Choosing "Database first" allow you to concentrate on relationship model aka core business values.

But in real life, people don't early understand the necessity for a persitence layer (unless an architect is part of the team) and create both objects/tables and end up needing to use the "Spaghetti Junction". Especially if one team deals with database and the other with java objects.