12 Jan 2006

Nice javaworld introduction about SOA

I'm not much into the SOA buzz and this javaworld article introduction summarize my opinion in a funnny way:
(...)Its core premise is beautifully simple and applies to all technologies, all platforms, and all industry verticals?Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (JEE), .Net, all variants of LAMP (the use of MySQL with Linux, Apache, and Perl, Python, or PHP), Ruby on Rails, the public sector, commercial, airlines, healthcare?the list is almost endless. The answer: Because SOA has become a bandwagon for desperate IT sales forces trying to shore up revenues with unneeded toolkits and runtimes, and a flag of conveniences for vendors who want to give their applications a quick buzzword botox injection. Read on as Humphrey Sheil explains where SOAs fit in the JEE world, how a pragmatic SOA can add real business value, and how best to leverage SOA in your JEE application.
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