24 May 2006

(At last) I finished Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, 2nd Edition

Boy! It's been a long time! I bought the book "Thursday, September 15, 2005"!

But I finally read it!

My conslusion is that I already knew most of it. But if you don't know XP that's the place to start, the rest of the internet is a copy/paste of the book...

The parts I liked the most was Kent Beck explaining why he changed is mind or adapted his way of thinking about some subjects.
For example: about how to deal with the rest of the company who is not extreme and why we (as programmers) don't have to force other people to use XP but adapt to there way of thinking.
An other example: why sometimes XP can fail because the rest of the company's values are secrecy, lack of communication, fear etc...

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