18 Oct 2007

How to detect broken, dead rss feeds in google reader

A simple trick, I wanted to share in google reader.

Go to the Trends page:

Select the "Inactive" tab in "Subscription trends":

There you have it the list of somehow inactive feeds.

The top 3 reasons why those feeds may be inactive are:
  • the blog doesn't exist anymore (404)
  • the blog changed it's engine and the feed url is not the same (for ex: the blog moved from jroller to wordpress, it is hosted somewhere else...)
  • there hasn't been any post for a really long time
Advise for the blogger reading this:
  • Try to avoid at all cost changing the feed url
  • When it's not possible write a last post saying the url is changing before changing it otherwise nobody will notice it and therefor you are loosing all your readers

1 comment:

dilorenzo1987 said...

you just made my day!

thanks a lot :)

i really didnt know how to check for dead/changed feeds!