28 Jun 2007

Page Flipping

Recently I've been flipping through some online (almost like real) magazines. Just wanted to share a few of them and at the same time looking at what a page flipping application looks like with different technologies Flash and Sylverlight.

If you know any other examples, post a comment ;)

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21 Jun 2007

Burried car

In 1957, a Plymouth Belvedere was burried in Tulsa for a constest.

The car was seen as a way to show 21st century citizens a suitable representation of 1957.

50 years later the contest is over... but things didn't go as planned [fr] :p

Luckily the Egyptians where more skilled at burring things ;) Otherwise we would not even know what a mummy is!

More info about the whole story.

14 Jun 2007

Spring property placeholder

Do you know about property placeholder in spring? I do but I always forget about those little tricks to make this work :( So here's the simplest example I could find so that next time I only have to search my blog for this ;)

The purpose of this is to replace, at runtime, a value in the spring xml bean definition, like this: -Dmy.ip=

The bean:

package test;

public class Model {
private String foo;
public String getFoo() { return foo; }
public void setFoo(String foo) { this.foo = foo;}

The main (I tried with FileSystemResource and XmlBeanFactory instead of ApplicationContext but it doesn't seem to work):

public class Main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
ApplicationContext context = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(
new String[] {"beans.xml"});
BeanFactory factory = (BeanFactory) context;
Model model = (Model) factory.getBean("model");

The xml (don't forget the conf bean!):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"
xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans/spring-beans-2.0.xsd">
<bean id="model" class="test.Model">
<property name="foo" value="${my.ip}"/>
<bean id="conf" class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer"/>

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Google special keywords

I don't about you but I never found a list of all those special google keywords for optimizing your search.

The only place that I know is google sitemap product where you can find this page:

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Firefox Themes

Usually I'm not one of those guys trying to customize every aspect of my Os/favorite program.
But I wanted to give these Nasa theme, because I liked the pitch:
This theme is for people who like it dark.
Guest what ? ;)

This them is really net, it even customize the javascript alert boxes !

Unfortunately not every one likes dark :(

I tried to play a bit with Firefox options to force dark background color and white text, but most of the websites look ugly :(

I'll try like this for the next few days but I may come back to the old fashion look...

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8 Jun 2007

Skype spam

It seems spammers are trying to reach us even on skype :( (this chat windows just poped up)

I suppose the solution is: update skype and change your privacy settings

Too bad that good open minded ideas (wiki, mailing lists etc. ...) are always spoil by those guys :(

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OpenId Screencast

If you're want to know what openid is... But you don't want to install anything.
Take a look at this screencast it shows you what it will look like in your day to day life.

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7 Jun 2007

5 rules to avoid Feed/RSS spam

Since I moved my feeds from sage (a plugin for firefox) to google reader that's the first time I have no unread item! Hurra!

My rules of thumb to avoid being spam by feed:
  1. Think twice before subscribing in the first place (the hardest rule in my case)
  2. Unsubscribe when you don't even read the articles by only the titles
  3. Unsubscribe when article is more than 20 lines (I make exceptions)
  4. Unsubscribe when feed is never updated
  5. Unsubscribe when too much posts (more than 10 per month)
Examples: I removed Seth Godin because of rule #2&5, Joel on Software because of #2.

I'm considering removing TheServerSide because 90% is just:
"xxx framework has release codename: stupid-animal"

Too bad this post is too long (rule #3) ;)

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MSN sound remixed & Darth Vader Art & Whatever for dummies

Some fun/strange links I found while browsing the feeds I most of the time don't read:

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Google religion

Since Google is slowly taking over our lives with all those web2.0 applications the next logical step is the Church of Google :p

We have compiled a list of nine proofs which we believe definitively prove Google's title as God

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5 Jun 2007

Photosynth demo (Microsoft real Wow!)

From Microsft vista's advert:
“Every so often you experience something so new, so delightfully unexpected, that there’s only one word for it: Wow,”

But not because of Vista ;)
This Photosynth demo is really amazing! Look at what this guy do with "Notre Dame" (Paris) made with flickr images!

More info about Photosynth.

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