11 Apr 2008

Blog Posts you don't want to read

Most of the time, I read my blog posts in the morning.

Every once in a while I have posts that give me a headacke just by reading the title :D

I only took the latest posts ;)
The reasons I find them funny is because:
  • They use and combine "enterprisey" buzzword
  • The title alone is so complex you need to read it twice
  • There is few chances that you'll ever have to use what they talk about because it narrows to such a limited field
  • Even if you have the courage to click on the link, you will read less than 10 words out of it
  • As soon as you'll leave the page you will forgot about it
  • When you encounter one, you know it's time for another coffee :)

ps1: It's not about a technology (microsft, java, ruby...) every community does this kind of posts ;)

ps2: InfoQ is a good source of information, I remove theserverside feed because it was getting so much worst than InfoQ in the buzzword competition ;)

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