4 Jun 2008

New Job at Sqli

3 years and a half later, I'm leaving Anyware Technologies to go to SQLI still in Toulouse.

This time it's: "Thank you julien" :)

New projects, more responsabilities as a project manager, new people, cmmi level 5 quality requirements... lots of changes. But I like changes ;)

So! Let's get started!

ps: Reminds me of that road in Terminator 2 ending (at 4:40) when a new futur lies ahead ...

ps 2: For the film enthusiast(s), David Lynch made a more freaky version (at 1:25) of it in Lost Highway few years later... but I'm get out of topic here :)


Sylvain Wallez said...

Good luck in your new job, Benjamin!

And please update my blog URL in the 2005 blog post :-)

Benjamin Francisoud said...


Update: done ;)