25 Jun 2009

Eclipse Galileo is out (1 year since Ganymede)

I was talking with someone recently and he told me he was using eclipse 3.3...
I'm using eclipse 3.4.

I told him, he should update since eclipse releases are not so frequent and just a minor number change is actually many months of efforts...

But I didn't know if it was 2, 4 or 6 months.

Well it turn out it's actually 1 year excatly between releases!

So now that Galileo is out you should really update your eclipse version or you'll have a 2 year old software ;)

I think many people don't update eclipse that often because of the quality of it, there is so few bugs that you don't feel the urge to update (my 2 cents)

Release Date Platform version Projects
Eclipse 3.0 28 June 2004 3.0
Eclipse 3.1 28 June 2005 3.1
Callisto 30 June 2006 3.2 Callisto projects
Europa 29 June 2007 3.3 Europa projects
Ganymede 25 June 2008 3.4 Ganymede projects
Galileo 24 June 2009 3.5 Galileo projects

source: wikipedia

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