4 Jan 2010

Switching to Ubuntu (2 months after)

2 months ago, after many issues with my own or my familly members computers, I decided to switch "completly" 3 computers to Ubuntu (Karmic Koala).

I wasn't really scared of Ubuntu (I already had a dual boot) but I used to spend most of my time under windows just because I know my way around windows well...

The reasons I swtiched:
  • Stability! Turn on the computer and use it (mail, internet, photo, musik) that's all!
  • Administration: Wanted to reduce the time I spend administrating computers (updating stuff, dealing with windows licensing, scanning for viruses...)
  • Have a single operating system for all computers; not many windows flavor (XP, Vista etc...)
  • Increase disk space by removing one operating system and it's partition

My conclusions after 2 months: overall good but not has much has I would have expected :(

What went "well":
  • Part of stability: ubuntu told me that a laptop battery had only 10% maximum charge and that an hard drive was about to die (with the number of failing sectors). I already knew that but I find it the hard way with windows (one day the hard drive just didn't boot anymore)
  • Administration: reduce time since I don't have to scan for viruses anymore
  • One "Free" OS to rule them all
  • Disk space

What went "wrong":
  • Stability: what I gained on the hardware part I lost it with numerous problems when turning the computer to "hibernate" mode. Usually when I ask the computer to hibernate and some usb drive is pluged in I have to reboot the hard way
  • Administration: most of usual administrative task (installing with apt-get, updating etc.) are fast but I spend a lot of time trying to install my old webcam, make the wifi work and I failed to make the SD card reader work. Every time I plugin something new into a computer run on linux (here ubuntu) it can become quite easily a command line nightmare
  • As you would expect, there is still a learning curve to find where stuff are located (for example under windows I know instantly where the printers are... under ubuntu I had to scan all menus to find them) now I know but it the same for everything, you just have a certain amount of time dedicated to re-learn what you already know...
  • Musik: I don't find rythmebox (the already installed musik player) good. I find the usabily is really poor (not sort on columns names, playlist get shuffled when re-starting the player, items "diseappear" from playlist when they have been played argh!...) I need to find something better...

I still spend lots of time on administrating but I think that also my geek nature that want me to customize everything :p


whaly said...

Last time I tested Ubuntu, my wifi card was working perfectly under Ubuntu and the same card made bluescreen on Vista :/

I would like to switch under Ubuntu too, but at home I play games that doesn't have a native port under linux :(

Benjamin Francisoud said...

I don't play games anymore (only on playstation) that's why I don't need windows anymore ;)