15 Apr 2010


Random thoughts about git after playing a bit with it

  • git is NOT svn
  • moving to git is more complicate than moving from cvs to svn or vss to cvs
  • git learning curve is high
  • git is powerfull
  • git nicely solve some corner issues that svn doesn't solve well
  • git is well-suited for open source projects
  • i'm not sure it is well-suited for entreprise
  • git is not well-suited for corporate (no brain, don't give a dam about it's job) delevopers
  • git commands are complexe because git is powerfull
  • last time I tried git on windows it sucks!
  • github rocks
  • without gihub git is less powerfull
  • gitk is ugly
  • gitk is fine to browse history commits and diffs
  • only Vulcan can understand gitk branches display
  • git commands lines are hard to grasp
  • i think there's room for a nextgen git: it would be git principles but easier command line options/names (juste like the cvs to svn improvement)

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nico said...

You should try mercurial. I am not yet a user of this kind of tools, but just as reading the doc, it definitively seems more user friendly than git. There is also bazaar but I don't know it yet.

FrederickRos said...

Regarding usability in corporate environment/enterprise, I do think it depends on your process. For example, I can see a huge benefit of using it in my case: remove all the layers we have implemented around CVS for 10 years now to support a distributed-like flow ;)

Regarding Mercurial: most of the comparison you'll find between git and mercurial are quite old, and since 1 year now, git is much more powerful than mercurial (AFAIR it is even mentioned on the mercurial site) ...


Stuart said...

I've heard that Veracity looks to be the next-gen DVCS. You should take a look.