29 Apr 2010

TDD next step evolution: (almost) no tests

Disclaimer: I don't think you can understand this until you used TDD for a few years...

I have to admit I do TDD less and less (shame on me). But that's strange because my code quality doesn't decline that much?!

I noticed it but I couldn't put words on it untill guess who twitted about about a blog article: "TDD without the T".

Simply put:
1- first you code without tests, you make bugs, crappy code and it freaks you out (if you're a control freak)
2- you write tests and you get confidant again (even if you know your tests don't catch all bugs)
3- you write more and more tests but you become enable to start a simple little program/idea just for fun because you need to setup all the tdd(ish) components before you can actually start something
4- you don't write tests and you realize that you now write better code and do less bugs (because you've written tests for so many years)

This evolution process span on many years but that's my current understanding of TDD after starting to use it back in 2003!

That doesn't mean I don't write tests, I just write them when I think they are necessary, when I want regression suite, when I realize something is becoming to complexe to simply launch it and see if it works etc...

For my latest pet project: http://code.google.com/p/gmail2ldap/
I didn't write any tests because code was just about wiring ldap + gmail contact api.
Unit code was useless.
Making a functional test suite was too complexe for a little program like this.
I'm actually happy I didn't make any test!

Take a look at this article, you'll learn stuff: http://coderoom.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/tdd-without-the-t/

22 Apr 2010

15 Apr 2010


Random thoughts about git after playing a bit with it

  • git is NOT svn
  • moving to git is more complicate than moving from cvs to svn or vss to cvs
  • git learning curve is high
  • git is powerfull
  • git nicely solve some corner issues that svn doesn't solve well
  • git is well-suited for open source projects
  • i'm not sure it is well-suited for entreprise
  • git is not well-suited for corporate (no brain, don't give a dam about it's job) delevopers
  • git commands are complexe because git is powerfull
  • last time I tried git on windows it sucks!
  • github rocks
  • without gihub git is less powerfull
  • gitk is ugly
  • gitk is fine to browse history commits and diffs
  • only Vulcan can understand gitk branches display
  • git commands lines are hard to grasp
  • i think there's room for a nextgen git: it would be git principles but easier command line options/names (juste like the cvs to svn improvement)

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