22 Sep 2004

Craig McClanahan Presentation

I went to a presentation of Sun Java Studio Creator and JSF.
Nice demo. I hadn't tested Creator yet.
It's based on Netbeans and jsp, it take full use of them. (If you don't want to use jsf, not the right tool)
I already had a demo of Visual Studio and asp.net.
Sun created the equivalent of VS for Rapid developpement

It's a nice tool:
  • start quickly J2EE developpement
  • minimum requirement for the team
  • develop J2EE webapp more like VB applications
  • doesn't depend on Sun server (even if it's tightly coupled with creator)
  • help newbies by providing places where they can put code without thinking to much
but with some restrictions:
  • not enought thrid part products integration (they are working on it...)
  • Sun make many choices for you (just has Microsoft do with VS)
    • jsf
    • 1 to 1 relation between a page and a bean representing the page
    • validation process
  • help you (to much) to copy/paste components (instead of making a service locator for example)
  • doesn't prevent bad coding...
I would clearly consider Creator for small, rapid developpement project but eclipse is still my favorite IDE because of the plugin comunity.
But for a team of java newbies or corporate developpers that would clearly help to get started.
But once you've started with jsf, I will be hard to abandon it...

blog entry of craig presentation
An other vision of this presentation by sami Jabber - dotnetguru (I don't agree with him but I don't want to flame his blog ;))
A better blog entry in my opinion

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Anonymous said...

Craig has a (brand new) blog: http://blogs.sun.com/craigmcc

-Alexis MP (http://blogs.sun.com/alexismp)