3 Sep 2004

Renaming JUnit Tests

Using JUnit as it advantages but also it drowbacks...
Actualy it's more wsad 5.0 that could be improve.

When I decide to Rename or Refactor a set of Classes, I have to take care of the classes but also the ClassesTests.

For Exemple, let say I have classe called Foo and a classe FooTest.
If I rename Foo using refactoring menu from wsad, I have to take care of renaming FooTest myself.
It seems obvious but during the first days of programming, when you create your classes from scratch I usually rename my classes often until I'm satisfy by the classes name.

I also refactor and rename often the methods names and the problem is the same I have to rename the testMethod() method in the Test classe... (It is not allways obvious when You only added an "s" to the method name...)
It would be great if refactor menu could also take care of the Tests classes...

I'll try with eclipse 3 to see if they improve that point.

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