10 Nov 2004

Be Humble

Interesting post about being a humble developper: Why I'm the best programmer in the world

When interviewing candidates for programming positions, I always look for someone who is brave enough to say "I don't know" when they need to. Candidates who can't or won't do this get red flagged; those types of programmers are dangerous.
Unfortunalty, during interviews, IT manager doesn't always behave like this and take a "I don't know" answer for a lake of skill or knowledge...

In the same blog, the fear of breaking the code, in my opinion, is not only a sign of problems with developpers but also a sign of (no/not enough/not usefull) testing.
It can also be a sign that the manager doesn't understand that quality of existing features is more important vs getting knew features and doesn't give enough time to the team to refactor.
The refactoring mindset should be taught during university courses.

update: about Hiring Technical people

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