24 Mar 2005

Java vs .Net

Knowing people from the two world, I found this definition of "why java people dislike .Net", quite fair:
Mark Hapner pointed out that the community revolving around .NET is faced with a development language controlled by a major corporation, "Basically, Microsoft sucks the air out of .Net for everything that they classify as being of strong interest to themselves and there really is no place for other contributions," he said. Developers are forced to build on top of Microsoft?s economic model, which Microsoft can change whenever they want. The strength of the Java community is the support and collaborative efforts that exists between the organizations, open source communities and individuals alike.
What makes microsoft .NET attractive and not attractive at the same time is the lake of choice.
You (almot) have only one choice: visual studio and .net framework! No need for other frameworks, everything is included in it.
As soon as something is use by people it is included in the framework...
But then you have less choice when it comes to choose something out of the mainstream.

Also from the same article:
There was discussion between Hapner and Schmidt about how current Java technologies like JavaServerFaces and Hibernate are making it easier for developers to develop applications by providing reusable user interfaces and frameworks that may become, according to Cliff Schmidt, more appealing to Microsoft developers by simplifying the programming language.
I don't think any .Net developer will change for Java. The two world are separate and hardly speak with each other.

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