23 Mar 2005

The State of the Scripting Universe

Since I started recently to learn ruby, I found this article quite interesting!

Here you can learn that, on 666 developers surveyed:
  • 41 percent use Perl
  • 32 percent use PHP
  • 15.6 percent use Python
Too bad they don't tell about ruby!
The 11.4 percent left must be split between tcl and ruby, I suppose!


Thomas said...

Do you really have time to blog now that you have just started a new job???


Benjamin Francisoud said...

Ain't you the one how started a new "mission" 2 month ago and post comments about the weather every day since then?

Sylvain Wallez said...

Hey, what about JavaScript and AppleScript?

You'll also have to teach me Ruby :-)

Thomas said...

Oooooh Benjamin, feeling a little attacked are we :) I'm sorry I do not only write about geeky stuff ;)