13 May 2005

Usability in practice

This morning I attended a usability session at intuilab. (by the way thank you sylvain for choosing me ;) )

Almost 5 years ago I took a course during my last school year at Sherbrooke university, where I discovered usability. During this course we needed to create a fake web site to check tv show timetables. So we needed to experiment the site on users and get there feedback!

Boy what a revelation! It made me understand that as a developper I could spend months fixing a functionnality users won't ever use and leave aside something that seemed obvious for me but not for them...

Unfornuatly I hadn't the opportunity to use this knowledge as often as I would like. Technics such as paper prototyping which is a wonderfull tool but sadly unknown!

Funny that 5 years later I was on the other side as a "user" during that usability session.

Another interesting article about testing with 5 users.

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