4 May 2005

Check List

David Leigh-Fellows has post some kind of "check list" before going to production, funny because I discovered yesterday that the client I working for and who is in charge of the production deployment is putting the web site on a tomcat cluster. It woud be cool if someone had test this before!
Make your development environment exactly the same as the test environment. You don't want to be hunting through things like multi processor threading issue crap on the last day of your project after developing on single processor developer machines - believe me I've seen it happen.
Clustering is not easy to deploy. You've got to be sure no code write something in tmp directory or anywhere else. Users'sessions informations must be distributed accross the cluster or you've got to be sure the same user go to the same part of the cluster each time he makes a request.

I wonder how we will solve bugs like this when they will arise...

Also another interesting post about coaching techniques.

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