29 Apr 2005

Java Path Finder

Nasa is putting one project on sourceforge, I wonder if Ariane5 would have done the same and use this project, if it would still have blown?
4/26/05: It is done! JavaPathFinder is not just open sourced, but becomes the first NASA program to be actively developed and hosted on SourceForge.
Java PathFinder (JPF) is a system to verify executable Java bytecode programs. In its basic form, it is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is used as an explicit state software model checker, systematically exploring all potential execution paths of a program to find violations of properties like deadlocks or unhandled exceptions. Other than traditional debuggers, JPF reports the whole execution path that leads to a defect. JPF is especially suitable to find hard-to-test concurrency defects in multithreaded programs.

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