6 Apr 2005

Thunderbird and import/export functions

I'm using Thunderbird for about 6 month now. Both at home and the office, and I'm quite happy with it.

So yesterday I decided to take it a step further.

Account settings:
I have personal accounts set at home but not at work, so every evening I need to check my mails. Usually, except junk, I don't get that much mails but I'm quite feed up with this way of doing.
So I wanted to import my account settings from home to work.
I successfully did it under
Outlook, there is an "export settings" function that create a small outlook file I can import back to outlook.
But unfortunately there is no such export in Thunderbird 1.0. Only import settings from outlook, outlook express and eudora. I need to type this one more time :(
Or I can get those outlook files, import them to outlook (and therefore need to setup outlook) and then export from outlook to thunderbird.

I also wanted to give thunderbird an other try for feeds (I'm using
sage plug-in for firefox).
But there is no opml import/export function and I don't want to type my xxx blogs entries.
someone add the same problem (full details in bugzilla) so I used his hacked version of thunderbird to import my feeds.
But I lost my feeds folders :( I need to rearrange all of them...
I'm not sure I use thunderbird for feeds... we'll see.
May be I'll give bloglines a try one day ;)


Anonymous said...

\o/ Bloglines \o/


Thomas said...

Have you tried Bloglines? What did you like and what didn't you like?

Benjamin Francisoud said...

Not yet