1 Apr 2005

I hate encoding problems!!!

I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! I hate them!
I wish I lived in the shadok world which is a famous french comics. The shadoks have only 4 "words":
  • Ga
  • Bu
  • Zo
  • Meu
Everything would be simplier. Hopefully I'm not a chinese!
I forgot one shadok word "Meu" (thank you sylvain)


Thomas said...

Sounds like a job for Cocoon! Sylvain once (actually on multiple occasions) told me that Cocoon could be used for more or less anything (except for water pipes)!

Hope you find a solution mate and thanks for the tennis match!

Sylvain Wallez said...

Thomas, Benjamin actually spent a lot of time fighting with encoding problems on a Cocoon app :-/

And Benjamin, you forgot 25% of the Shadok vocabulary: they also have "meu", which brings way more complexity :-P

Thomas said...

Struts is supposed to have very good encoding support :-P