8 Sep 2005


XPlanner is a web application to handle user story based developments.

I tested XPlanner because I'm currently trying to program in a user story centric way.
Installation didn't go as smoothly as daisy.
I had 2 problems:
  • source code didn't compile with 1.5 jdk because of enum keyword [see bug 1124530] - putting javac source="1.4" in ant solved this.
  • I had to change xplanner.properties with my root/password MySQL account (I don't like to leave my database password in clear in properties files)
At first, I found it a bit confusing, I didn't really catch the way to navigate in the web application. On top of every frame you can see:
Project | MyIteration | MyTask
It's the place were you are in the web site, I think it would have been clearer with something like:
Project > MyIteration > MyTask

You also need to configure a project in order to start using it... I find it a bit hard because of my lack of knowledge of a user story centric project and terminology.

An other problem was: I had hard time figuring how to add a person to a project, but I finally made it.

But XPlanner doesn't only have problems ;)
It seems quite simple (I like simplicity), you can get many metrics without additional efforts (your CEO will be happy!).
Every description can be entered in a twiki style, cool.
Simple http://.. links can be added to you're descriptions. Or you can create your own simplified protocols, example: bug:000[my link text] will point to the bugzilla page of this bug.
That a simple way to link xplanner to other systems.

In conclusion, I found XPlanner to be a good software but it seems a bit young, I think the few problems will be solve in the next releases. But it can already be used.


Jacques Morel said...

If you haven't done it yet, you could try the 0.7b2. It should be ready for prime time. I haven't released it yet since it includes a new installation/upgrade mechanism that I want to make sure work well.

Benjamin Francisoud said...

I tested the 0.6.2 release...
I'll take a look at the 0.7b2 when I'll get some more time :)