13 Sep 2005

Rediscovering webapp development

I just created a simple web application using eclipse web tools and tomcat.
It was so damn simple!! Why isn't it always like this!!!
I can modify components from eclipse and see the result in tomcat just by saving.
I trully envy .NET developpers with there integrated IDE.

I've been working the last 4 years on java web applications projects and it has never been simple.
  • Weblogic portal 4, I needed to modify jsp in the server repository directly using JEdit because my machine barely could launch this portal.
  • Weblogic 6.1 wasn't integrated correclty in wsad (at that time), using WTE could have solved this but my machine couldn't bare it either (more than 1 Go was necessary) and our production server were weblogic(s)
  • Even right now I'm using eclipse under windows but tomcat is located under FreeBSD on a development machine. I use samba to acces files!! (that's not simple!)

I might switch to .NET (just kidding;) )


Julien said...

Welcome to the true developpement world :-)

Alexis MP said...

[plug]You can envy NetBeans developers to. Full out-of-the box J2EE 1.4 support since NB 4.1 ;-)[/plug]

Benjamin Francisoud said...

That's true. I almost forgot my review of Studio Creator ;)