20 Nov 2006

The Venice Project

As I was on holiday every body on the project started to blog without me :(

Yes I'm also part of the "super-secret project" aka The Venice Project.
What is it ? Well Sylvain already explained it on his blog... So I will keep it DRY ;)

The most surprising fact for me on this project is the speed and quality of the video over a private p2p network, I would never thought it would be even possible! Just to see this you should register for the beta test ;)
Note: it uses a p2p network but the content display is completely official and deals have been made with famous content providers (no legal issues here unlike utube).

I've been working on various parts of the system mainly setting up cruisecontrol (fixing various bugs and creating some enhancements), I've done some Ant, worked on a web application for advertisements using wicket and on some features of the search engine using lucene.

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Anonymous said...


Could you pls send me an invitation to Joost??I'd love to be a beta tester!!


First name = Rodrigo
last name = Cassiano
email id = kitte@graffiti.net

yahoo! said...

Hi Benjamin,

I am a moderator for the forums of joostfan. The owner, Scott, advised me to contact you for an invite to Joost. He said that you gave him an invite.


Joostfan id : Yahoo!
EMAIL: le.johnathan@gmail.com

Quais Hassan said...

I would appreciate a Joost invitation token please.

Sorry to ask but do not know a tester personally yet. Very intrigued about it, however and can't wait to try it out.

Thanks in advance.

Quais Hassan said...

oops left out my email.

quais dot hassan at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

G'Day mate, im Alan from down under Australia, any chance you might have any Joost token/invites left, would love to try it out and see what we aussies can get


Anonymous said...

Hi, from Brazil!

I'd like to know Joost TV. But, unfortunaly, I haven´t an invitation.
Could you send me one, please?
I hope you don´t mind.

Thanks a lot!

First name - Alessandro
Last name - Soares
e-mail 1 - alasoares@uol.com.br
e-mail 2 - alessandrosoares005@hotmail.com


Salut Benjamin !

JE suis tres intéréssé par cette nouvelle facon de regarder la TV en ligne. Récemment je cherchais des reportages Gratuit en ligne ; j'ai visité les site de Tony Comiti, Tac Press ou encore Vodeo et rien de gratuit tout était payant. Je suis tombé sur "THE NICE VENICE PROJECT" ou j'ai vu une demo de présentation et cela m'a plus..je souhaiterais tester moi aussi sa version beta, pourrait tu s'il te plait m'envoyer une invitation , voici mes coordonées :

E-MAIL : picsou_master@msn.com
site web : www.creation-gospel.net

Kai Wen said...

Hello, Francisoud:

I'm a web designer in Taiwan, I found this article as I desperately seeking a Joost invitation.

And, yes, could you please also send me an invitation to my mail : virgokai@gmail.com as well? Thank you very very much.

I hope I can introduce Joost to our people here to share the amazing internet experience.

Best Regards,

Kai Wen

beweed said...

Salut Francisoud
Would be very grateful if you can send me invitation to Joost. I heard about Joost on our national radio Studio Brussel (www.stubru.be) this week and am very interested in joining.
Merci beaucoup

livingston2 said...

Not a lurker but a participator would appreciate a Joost invite.

Dan Livingston


José Quadros said...

Does anyone know where can i get an invitation to joost beta?
It's so dificult...


Anonymous said...


Could you please send an invitation to co_ballester@hotmail.com? Is Joost working on Vista?

Thanks very much

Anonymous said...

dear benjamin,
It would be nice if you could refer me to use joost on my new vista computer. i am veary interested in woking with the joost team to try fo get rid of the bugs on vista and intel mac.

Joao said...

Hello Benjamin!

Is it possible to get an invitation to Joost? I'll really apreciate to be a tester.

João Magano

Anonymous said...

Please an invie if possible to Joost!

Raphael said...

I'd love an invite !!!!!

raphael_pierron at yahoo dot com

Thanks :)

Charlie said...


Je suis très interessé par ce projet et aimerai devenir testeur.

Pourriez-vous s'il vous plait m'envoyer une invitation?

Merci d'avance!

Charles Chemery

Antoine said...

bonjour, mon fil rss m'indique une nouveauté pour vous (et pour moi) "Now, when you visit the "Invite Friends" widget, you'll be able to share Joost with an unlimited number of friends, family, colleagues - or anyone else you know."
Svp je suis intéressé par une invit' tonylife09 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi I have been reading all about Joost and would love to give it a try, can you send me an invite. frallen20@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know Joost TV. and it nay be very usefull for me .But, unfortunaly, I haven´t an invitation.
Could you send me one, please?
I hope you don´t mind. thanks !

Joostfan id : csb145
EMAIL: jackcsb145@yahoo.com.cn