14 Nov 2006

XUbuntu vs Toshiba - Round 3

Actually my previous post problem was because the CD I used was a cheap CD, so the laptop couldn't read it.
Using a good "verbatim" CD, installation almost worked perfectly. I had to kill "anthy" process during install as explain in this forum.

I finally manage to get to the login screen but no miracle, no surprise: It's SLOW! But it look nice... if that's a consolation :-/

Final score: XUbuntu 1 - Toshiba 3 => Toshiba wins and return to the closet forever.

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James Cameron-Morris said...

Try Damn Small Linux?

francisoud said...

No, just discovered it.

But I don't plan to try again, I prefer to buy a new computer than to actually make this one work again ;)

Next time I'll need a really small distribution, I will take a look at D.S.L. (http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/)